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Brain training software that treats causes once, not symptoms forever.

Privacy is important to us. We will not rent or sell your details to anyone.

Her reading  and comprehension scores are off the charts!  It's an amazing change.

The brain is plastic --  it can improve function with appropriate exercise.  Fast ForWord is neuroscience-based brain training software that taps into this opportunity to resolve a range of reading and learning difficulties, once and for all.

By creating new neural connections, our program makes reading and comprehension easier for all ages.
Learning efficiency gains dramatically reduce homework hours.
Improved processing slows the world down, creating learning and social confidence.

Join 2+ Million Students in 42 Countries

End Reading Frustration

Boosted Confidence

Reduced Homework Stress

It is hard to become a good reader if you don't practice. Fast ForWord makes reading easier, less exhausting, helping to turn your child into a "reader."

Homework is easier because improved processing and focus means less is missed in class and improved reading makes the homework easier to understand.

By helping students get better at their "day job" (learning and reading), our programs build learning independence and confidence at school and at home.

Treating the cause

Individualized protocols

Processing delays impact how sounds are heard. This impacts listening in class and reading -- sounding out and comprehension. Fast ForWord improves processing and related cognitive skills, one time and done.

We develop a personalized plan -- a sequence of cognitive & reading programs -- for each student. Also, the software is adaptive, honing in on individual needs in every session.

Our professionals support you at home with regular calls, reports, online rewards and mailed certificates. Our caring staff are our secret sauce, the reason for our success.

96% of our clients recommend us to others. Call or request a demo to find out why.

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Mother of 3rd grader


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Barbara N.
Parent of 4th grader

It's like Invasion of the Body Snatchers, he is such a changed kid -- a better reader, better focus, happier. THANK YOU!

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