Is your child falling behind?

Our online brain training with remote monitoring tackles the processing delays that cause 90% of reading issues.

Our software is based on the principle of neuroplasticity.

Our brain training and reading programs were developed by world-renowned neuroscientists to build new neural connections and pathways to overcome reading and learning deficits.  The brain is like a muscle -- it can improve with exercise. Our programs tap into this opportunity.

Interactive games and rewards that engage children.

Our programs are centered around Fast ForWord, adaptive software with a computer game feel. It uses sounds and scores to keep children engaged day after day, which Gemm Learning compliments with online rewards and mailed certificates.

“We did months of tutoring without a change like we have seen since starting Gemm. It is far more than just better reading -- she seems happier and more secure in school.”

Mary L.
Parent of 3rd grader

Gemm Learning is the #1 provider of Fast ForWord reading software for children & adults in the US and Canada.
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An involved, individualized service second to none.

Our regular phone calls, daily monitoring, weekly progress reports, online resources and student rewards make the home experience work for you and your child. Students work 30-50 minutes a day, 3-5 days a week.

Treat reading difficulties at their source.

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