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Our Students Average a 2-Year Reading Gain In 4-6 Months.

If a child is not processing language efficiently, reading skills suffer. Accurate processing is needed for phonemic awareness (the essential reading skill) and for reading and listening comprehension.

Processing and related delays are not addressed at school. And so, for many students, frustration persists for years.

This is where Gemm Learning helps. Our reading software can target these underlying impediments, signficantly improving reading and comprehension in just a few months.

Fast ForWord rewires learning using principle of neuroplasticity.

How Our Services Works

End reading Frustration

Our Students Average a 2-Year Reading Gain In 4-6 Months. Keep scrolling for more info!

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Gemm Learning is the #1 provider of Fast ForWord reading software for children & adults in the US and Canada. 

96% of our clients recommend us because our software works at a deep-seated and fundamental level

“I have seen a big improvement in all aspects of learning. Most of all, her reading and comprehension gains have been awesome. It's like an awakening!”

Marianne J.

Parent of 1st Grader

What People Are Saying

“Our son has made great gains this past year. We had him tested again just recently and the doctor thought he was working with a different child. The improvement was off the charts.”

Mary L.

Parent of 6th Grader

"It's like Invasion of the Body Snatchers, he is such a changed kid--a better reader, better focus, happier. Thank you!"

Barbara N.

Parent of 4th Grader

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Fast ForWord® software is backed by 240+ research studies, including by these respected institutions:

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