Achieve Reading Gains This Summer

Radically different reading software, at home with remote oversight.

Privacy is important to us. We will not rent or sell your details to anyone.

Her reading  and comprehension scores are off the charts!  It's an amazing change.

The brain is plastic --  it can improve function with appropriate exercise.  Our adaptive reading and comprehension software taps into this opportunity to strengthen the cognitive skill gaps that hold back struggling readers.

Joyful results.  Our program makes reading and comprehension easier for all ages.
Improved reading & learning efficiency dramatically reduces homework hours.
Better reading comprehension builds learning confidence with every session.

Join 2+ Million Students in 42 Countries

Less Reading Frustration

Reading Comprehension

Reduced Homework Stress

It is hard to be a good reader if you don't practice, and most dyslexic children hate reading. Our software makes reading easier to break this vicious cycle.

Homework is easier because we help focus and listening skills, meaning less is missed in class and because reading comprehension is improved.

Improved reading comprehension helps make reading enjoyable, it improves test taking.  It is the key to learning independence and learning confidence.

Joyful Games

Individualized Software

Our software uses score counters, animation and sounds to create a computer game feel that keep children engaged.  Most find it much more fun than reading, and certainly more fun than being tutored.

We develop a personalized plan -- a sequence of foundational cognitive & reading programs -- for each student. The software is adaptive, honing in on individual needs in every session.

Our professionals support you at home with regular calls, reports, online rewards and mailed certificates. Our caring staff are our secret sauce, the reason for our success.

96% of our clients recommend us to others. Call or request a demo to find out why.

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Marianne J.
Mother of 3rd grader


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Barbara N.
Parent of 4th grader

It's like Invasion of the Body Snatchers, he is such a changed kid -- a better reader, better focus, happier. THANK YOU!

Remote Professionals

To make substantial & lasting changes, you need to target the underlying problem.

Processing delays, the cause of most reading issues, can be improved. The brain can change.


Our reading programs can rewire reading if students participate. 

This is where our joyful software comes in. Your child will engage and reap the rewards -- the computer game feel is addictive for most kids.


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